Double glazing and the council

It’s been going on so long now it’s old news, but I was reminded of it yet again this week when a double glazing salesman kindly knocked on my door to warn me of the potential threat.

Thermal rules for double glazed windows

Threat – what threat? …Well, accordingly to the very helpful salesman, it’s the local council. Clearly with too much budget on their hands they have decided the best use of tax payers funds it to use thermal-imagery to ‘heat-map’ constituent’s homes.

Why? … Well, naturally to encourage residents whose homes glow red with wasted energy escaping through their windows, walls and roof, that there are ways of preventing this – insulation for example, wall cavity lagging and double glazing.

Whether this is true or not, I cannot say – the council rarely consult with me personally on such issues, however, as I pointed out, I already have double glazing installed. I assured the salesman that all my windows and doors are energy efficient so he really need not worry.

Council employing thermal camera for double glazing

Nevertheless, since he was NOT there to sell me anything – something he made very clear right from the start – he continued to express his concern that I might get spotted by the council’s thermal cameras. He was particularly worried in my case because, as he could see from where he was standing, my double glazed windows are externally beaded and as he suggested, were therefore not as energy efficient as they could be – apparently I was facing a perilous predicament!

As much as I enjoy teasing door-to-door double glazing salesmen who assume me ignorant of all things glazing related, I had to put this one out of his misery. I kindly explained that I appreciated the vital importance of energy efficiency in the home, both on the grounds of reducing my carbon footprint and my energy bills and thanked him for his concern – I also asked why he felt external beading posed such a treat to heat loss, when in my opinion it was more a security issue, however given the installation method, I was confident in this case that the frames couldn’t be jimmied from the outside… he’s still considering his response…

If unlike me, you don’t have energy efficient double glazing installed in your home, or your double glazing is so old it’s in desperate need of replacement, don’t be tempted to be talked into new or replacement double glazing by kindly souls who come knocking on your door randomly on a sunny afternoon. Instead why not cut out the salesmen altogether and search online.