• Richard Edmondson

    • Richard Edmondson, Founder of Edmondson Interiors
      Richard Edmondson
      Founder of Edmondson Interiors

      When I launched this company 20 years ago,  it was with the desire to emulate the attitude and standards of the highest quality bespoke tailor in the world of interior design.

      I am proud to say that, to this day, we are still committed to doing precisely this.

      We are looking to change your life in a small way. Not just furniture design, not just kitchen design but to awaken new possibilities in how you and your family use the space that you have entrusted us with.

      There is a procedure and it is the same for somebody who has a project in Stockholm, London or in the next village to us here in Kent.

      It is in the first instance about listening, about close observation, about asking questions that reveal what is important to you.

      Edmondson Interiors' Attention to Detail

      There is a passion here that makes each project exciting and fulfilling for our team of designers, project managers and craftsmen. I am enormously proud of what they do and encourage you to read some of our Testimonials to get a feel for how we work.

      It's always exciting to see our projects featured in the leading homes and interiors glossies, but I am proud to say that we approach every project - however large or small - with the same commitment to excellence and first class master craftsmanship at every stage.

      Consider this an open invitation to visit our showroom in the heart of the Weald of Kent or invite an Edmondson Interiors designer to come and see you, at your convenience.

      We'd love to talk about your vision for your space, large or small, or a particular piece of furniture.

      Over to you!