Move or Improve Windows?

Move or Improve Windows

Move or Improve Windows: That is the Question

Never has the choice between moving to a new home or improving you new one been so relevant; well, not since the early 90’s anyway. Just when we thought the spectre of negative equity had been vanquished, once again it’s raised its head, gloomy as Christmas Past.

What’s this got to do with glazing and front doors you ask? More than you could ever imagine!

In the Spring of 2007 the average cost of moving was calculated as £9,486, a cost triple that of 2004. When these costs are allied to the depressed property market, its hardly surprising that more of us are choosing to improve rather than move. But there’s more to home improvement than just fitting a new front door, or updating your double glazing. Having said that, adding new windows will add an estimated £5,000 to the value of your property.

Home Improvements

Home Improvements

However, if you’re going to be flashing the ever-dwindling cash, it makes sense to spend it on the improvements that will add the most value – and we can do better than £5,000!

Adding a loft conversion will add an estimated 12.5% to your property’s value, that’s £27,500 on a £220,000 home! The next three most profitable schemes are shown below:

  • An extension to create an extra room will add approximately 10.8%, or £23,700 on that average property
  • A conservatory will add 6.7%, or £14,740
  • A new kitchen will add 4.6% or £10,120

It has to be said that these values are based on national averages, so they may be slightly more or a tad less in your area; still, they are not figures to be sneezed at!

Move or Improve Windows

Move or Improve Windows

What all of these projects have in common is that they need glazing and doors. The double glazing industry is viewed rather negatively in the UK, hardly surprising given some of the scams that have been highlighted in various media; the hard sells and the over-inflated prices.

How to Minimise the Costs of Home Improvements

A recent report by Sky News suggested that the cost of home improvements have risen by at least 20% over the past two years.  Sky itemise the following increases:

  • 25% more for a basement conversion
  • 21% more for a loft conversion
  • 22% more for a conservatory
  • 22% more for installation of double glazing

Despite these reported increases, it is still good economic sense in the current financial climate to improve rather than move.

How to Minimise the Costs of Home Improvements

How to Minimise the Costs of Home Improvements

And we really can minimise some of those costs for you.  Double Glazing companies do not employ a sales force, so we do not have to pay wages and commissions.  Neither do we indulge in fake ‘money off offers.’  What you see on our site is what you get, so you can budget safe in the knowledge that you won’t be hit with any extra costs.

If you thought that ethical double glazing was a contradiction in terms, it’s time for you to start thinking again.

Moshe Mcphail